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Global education on trial by U.S. college professors

Publication Date: December 24, 2010 | ISBN-10: 363931977X | ISBN-13: 978-3639319774

This book unveils the verdict of U.S. college professors about global education. It presents the findings from a nationwide study conducted about motivational factors and worldview dimensions associated with perceptions of global education initiatives by college professors in the United States. This is a must read for researchers, scholars, higher education leaders and administrators, and students who are interested in understanding the secret for internationalizing curriculum in post-secondary institutions. This book can help policy makers and college and university administrators adopt policies, which can create an environment that fosters global education engagement required to promote cross-cultural understanding, produce global competent graduates on the global market, and meet the challenges of a globally interdependent world.


Transcultural blended learning and teaching in postsecondary education

Release Date: August, 2012. Copyright © 2013. 432 pages.

Transcultural Blended Learning and Teaching in Postsecondary Education educates readers across nations and cultures and strengthens their understanding of theories, models, research, applications, best practices, and emerging issues related to blended learning and teaching through a holistic and transcultural perspective. This research volume serves as a valued resource for faculty, administrators, and leaders in postsecondary institutions to plan, develop, implement, and evaluate blended learning programs and courses. It also provides researchers with the latest research in transcultural blended learning and teaching theories, findings, best practices, and emerging trends.