Transnational Education and Learning Society, Inc. (TELS)



A. Identification and biography - Session Title, Abstract and Full Description  - Name, Contact Details, and Biography of Chairperson  - Names, Contact Details, and Biographies of all proposed speakers  - Conference sub-theme category  - Audio-visual needs .

B. Full Session Description  (Detailed description of your proposed session – maximum 500 words)  Include a content outline describing the major theme(s), challenges, lessons learned, successes and failures, application possibilities for other institutions, that will be addressed in this session. In addition, please include the goals of the session and the methodologies to be used. Remember to include a minimum of 20 minutes for discussion in the panel discussion format session. If there is more than one presenter, explain what each presenter will discuss. Please be as complete as possible and remember that the content needs to have wide applicability, comparative perspectives and an analysis of "lessons learned" useful to education stakeholders across national boundaries. For the Facilitated Roundtable sessions, explain what each presenter will discuss, how the discussion will be moderated, expected outcomes and how outcomes will be collected and distributed.

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